Power Plants

2016 - 2017


University Hospital of the Saar region

Homburg (Germany)

Combined Heat and Power Station (CHPS) with integration into electricity grid and district heating supply

2 x 2.7 MWe

Preliminary design, final design, preparation of permit applications, detailed design

2016 - 2017

Steam Turbine

Althammer GmbH & Co.KG

Heidenheim (Germany)

Piping Supports for two Siemens SST500 steam turbines

Execution drawings of secondary steel structure and supports

Site: Äänekoski and Naantali (Finland)


Construction supervision


Stuttgart (Germany)

Construction supervision of Project GHKW Kiel

Construction supervision and supervision of the commissioning of the process technology and building services of the pump house, pipe bridge and the interconnection of the heat storage system

Site: Kiel (Germany)


Open Cycle Gasturbine


Feasibility study of an Open Cycle Gasturbine

Output: >50 to 150 MWel

Installation and integration of gasturbine and auxiliary units for supply of electricity grid reserves


Power to Heat


Neumünster (Germany)

Integrating Power-to-Heat plant into electricity grid and district heating supply

Piping, Basic- and Detail Engineering, preparation of tender documentation


Power to Heat


Zielitz (Germany)

Integrating Power-to-Heat plant into electricity grid and industrial company

15 MW

Piping, Basic and Detail Engineering, tender documentation


Electrode Steam Generator


Kufstein /Austria)

Integrating electrode steam generator into district heating supply

Piping, Basic and Detail Engineering, tender documentation, construction supervision

2014 - 2016


MVV Umwelt O&M GmbH


Biomass plant

25.5 MWe

for waste wood of category AI to AIII conform to Renewable Obligation Order and Climate Change Levy (CCL)

Project management for construction

Site: Ridham Dock, Sittingbourne (Great Brittain)

2014 - 2015

Electrode Steam Generator


Premnitz (Germany)

Integrating two electrode steam generators into waste incineration plant

2 x 10MW

interconnecting to existing media system

Piping, Basic and Detail Engineering, tender documentation, construction supervision


Electrode steam generator


Hof (Germany)

Integrating electrode steam generator into paper mill

interconnecting to existing steam supply

Piping, Basic and Detail Engineering, tender documentation


Gas line

Purpose association incinerator RBB

Böblingen (Germany)

Gas line for incinerator plant

planning of a gas line, text of invitation to tender, award recommendation, execution monitoring


Coal dust channels


Melnik (Czech Republic)

Pressure and temperature loaded coal dust channels

design and engineering


Heating system adaptation


State Construction Office

Baden-Baden (Germany)

Heating system adaptation according to law

1x 100 kWe natural gas - CHPS, electrical and hydraulic integration

design, text of invitation to tender

Site: General Dr.Speidel- barracks, Bruchsal (Germany)

2013 - 2014

Reserve heating plant

FTG district heating transport company

Böblingen (Germany)

Reserve heating plant

15 MW

Feasibility study, site selection, planning, text of invitation to tender, award recommendation, construction management

2012 - 2013

Heating system adaptation

State Construction Office

Baden-Baden (Germany)

Heating system adaptation according to law

Planning, text of invitation to tender, bid evaluation,
approval formality, execution supervision, examination of invoices and documentation

Site: Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology (ICT), Pfinztal-Bergshausen (Germany)

2012 - 2013

peak load boilers

Heating plant HKW

Pforzheim (Germany)

2 peak load boilers


2012 - 2013


CENDID Energy Solutions

Freiburg (Germany)

Diesel and / or heavy oil combustion engine CHPS

4.2 MWe

with synchronous generator, absorption chiller (3x 1,150 kW) and saturated steam production

planning, specification, tender evaluation

Site: British-American Tobacco-, Ibadan (Nigeria)

2012 - 2013



Offingen (Germany)

Combined Heat and Power Station (CHPS)

2x 600 kWe and 1.2 bar (g) saturated steam extraction

planning and text of invitation to tender of a construction, legal immission control permit applications

2012 - 2013


HOCHTIEF Energy Management

Stuttgart (Germany)

Combined Heat and Power Station (CHPS)

1.5 MWe

legal immission control permit application

For: Takeda

Site: Singen (Germany)


peak load boiler



Reutlingen (Germany)

Peak load boiler, renewal of the existing natural gas CHP units



MKM Römerkastell

Stuttgart (Germany)

Concept study for heat supply

Economic comparison 50 kWe Combined Heat and Power Station (CHPS) with district heating connection

2008 - 2012

Thermal treatment plant

Holcim Süddeutschland

Dotternhausen (Germany)

General planning of "thermal treatment plant" for oil shale

fluidized bed furnace waste heat boiler (15 MW / 75 barg.), flue gas cleaning, chimney

detailed design, balance of plant, tendering and award negotiation, positioning, planning and coordination, construction management, commissioning and acceptance

2008 - 2010



Reutlingen (Germany)

Renovation and expansion of a thermal power station

general planning of a gas engine CHP unit, consisting of gas engines with a total output of 10 MW and a total thermal power of 6.5 MW, as well as enlargement of the peak load boiler to a 10 MW boiler;
With this heat-controlled system FairEnergie supply a part of the urban area of city Reutlingen with district heating

Basic design, approval formality, detailed design, procurement, site supervision and local construction to acceptance


Boiler optimization

Waste Service AG (ASA)


Optimization of the boiler for surrogate fuels

110 t / h steam at 125 bar at 440 °C

Technical project management and coordination of interfaces



Stadtwerke Pforzheim


Incinerator with surrogate fuels

Concept study, preliminary design and creation of disposition plans

2006 - 2010

Steam boiler

Steam turbine

Salzgitter Flachstahl AG


Restructuring of the power plant to supply the metallurgical plants in Salzgitter

Steam boilers (275 MW) with steam turbine (105 MW each)
Steam extraction up to 80 bar district heat extraction with turbine tap point

2006 - 2009

HP compressor trains test center


Duisburg (Germany)

General Planning of Siemens Mega Test Center

The Mega Test Center is one of the largest and most modern test centers for testing of HP compressor trains for the LNG application.
The drive machine can thereby be gas or steam turbines and electric motors with a power of up to 450 MW.

Business was the project management, 3D design, process design, layout planning 3D, component layout and piping design incl. isometry of the whole system.
Commissioning management for the pipeline and process technology.

2006 - 2008

Cooling Water

EnBW nuclear power

Neckarwestheim (Germany)

Renovation of Emergency secondary cooling water, emergency diesel and cell cooling water systems, comprehensive building services, operational process control for Nuclear Power Plant

Technical project management, preparation of studies and tender documents


Fluidized bed incinerator

Holcim Süddeutschland

Dotternhausen (Germany)

Oil shale-fired fluidized bed incinerator with waste heat boiler

capacity 16 t/h oil shale

steam parameters 16 t/h

56 bar at 470 °C

Concept study for the realization of the project, costing, layout planning


Waste boiler


Mannheim (Germany)

Proceed construction of a replacement waste boiler MKE

25t/h waste throughput

Generating 82,5 t/h steam at 25 bar at 250 °C

according to the insolvency of the general contractor

Revision, engineering and construction, water-steam cycle, slag and ash handling. Whole pipeline construction and layout, construction management and commissioning, shift operation, spare parts / documentation


Coal block


SUMITOMO Corporation

Tanjung Jati (Indonesia)

Expansion of the power plant to 2 coal blocks and 2 turbines

Per block:

  steam 180 bar

  565 °C

  2.300 t / h

  800 MW electric

Sea water desalination with 450 m³/h permeate performance

VE-water production with 100 m³/h

fire water system 800 m³/h

cooling water pumping station 120.000 m³/h

Basic engineering, tender documents and tender evaluation


Waste incineration

Fichtner / energy supply company

Mainz Ingelheimer Aue


Waste incineration plant

With two waste boilers with captive turbine and exhaust gas purification

Site supervision, construction-tests, examination of documentation, planning and execution


Steam boiler


Bludenz (Austria)

Construction of a new steam boiler plant for organic waste

Design, planning, BoP workshop drawings, piping layout in 3D, interface coordination, inspection concepts and working drawings for escape and rescue routes


Process media supply

Fichtner / RWE Rhein Braun (Germany)

Power plant Goldberg (Germany)

Supply a paper mill with the process media

ND 3.2 bar steam

MD 17 bar steam

process water

deionized water

condensate withdrawal


Waste incinerator

UET incinerator

Nuremberg (Germany)

Waste incinerator

Employees of the basic evaluation, text of invitation to tender, award recommendation,
Constructional planning, project management and coordination of interfaces.

Employees at GU for approval and implementation planning,
Media integration above DB-train tracks in the existing CHP.