As an interface between research and business, between idea and realization, we examine for you implementation possibilities that go beyond the state-of-the-art in the form of:

  • Concepts
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Techno-Economical Analysis

For our customers, we plan and accompany construction projects from concept to successful execution. We implement legal requirements, ideas and wishes in such a way that our customers can optimally fulfill the challenges of the future with a profound engineered and modern solution.

Analysis and preliminary design,
conceptual and detail design will be the next step in the progress of your project.

  • Your project idea will be defined in a first project concept. In coordination with your wishes, plans and goals, we holistically consider and evaluate various concrete implementation options.
  • At this stage, innovative technologies as well as legal, economic and industry-specific developments will be examined in the context of the project from different perspectives.
  • A cost estimate is provided to you as decision basis for the further implementation of the project.
  • Conceptual and Detail Design
  • The exact design of the system components takes place. The interaction between technical process parameters, measuring and control technology is optimized and documented in schemes and functional descriptions.
  • Your plant will be plotted in assembly and layout drawings, section views and details.
  • The conceptual and detail design provides you with the necessary documentation for the construction and operation of your system.
  • A cost calculation as detailed breakdown of the investment costs will provide you a further basis of decision making.

  • Your elaborated project will be put on the market as a tender.
  • For the implementation of your project, we evaluate and compare offers from executing companies (contractors) and support you with technical, legal and economic advice in the awarding to the contractor.

We accompany the implementation of your project with sophisticated and experienced construction managers and engineers.

As a result, you benefit from compliance with all legal requirements, standards and guidelines. The adherence to deadlines and costs will be ensured.

We guarantee the success of your construction project through project control, interface coordination, quality and security controls, commissioning supervision, verification of plant performance, monitoring of acceptance tests and through compiling and verifying the documentation.

Energy efficiency consulting

  • Your energy saving potential will be unveiled holistically by our BAFA accredited engineers according to DIN EN 16247. As specialists in the energy sector, we are in a position to optimally save costs for you and to evince synergy effects. The requirements of your company will always be in the focus of our examination.
  • In addition, our customers benefit from various government funding opportunities for the implementation of energy efficiency measures as well as for consulting services.
  • Energy efficiency consulting optimizes your energy consumption, reduces your costs and improves the sustainability of your company.

Energy audit (DIN EN ISO 50001)

  • Large companies in Europe are obliged to carry out an energy audit.
  • In an energy audit, we evaluate inventory data on energy consumption, collect further necessary data, analyze your potential energy savings and evaluate alternative courses of action in a final audit report.